Maria Teresa Schöb Wolniewitz

María Teresa worked for many years as an Airline Marketing consultant. She is a language teacher, facilitator of workshops on Philosophical Painting as a path to self-knowledge, and a facilitator of personal development and motivation workshops in both the private and the public sector.

She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, the training for which led her to understand and experience selfless listening, which forms the basis of her work as a Mindfulness consultant.


From a young age, María Teresa was interested in and studied topics relating to personal development and motivation.  In recent years, she has been dedicated to the study and application of habits in order to be able to live with more awareness and learn to manage her time as effectively as possible while fully enjoying her life. 

Beatriz González González

Beatriz has devoted a large part of her life to studying music. She holds a degree in Oboe and became a key member of the Havana National Symphony Orchestra. She carried on her postgraduate studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. ​She continued her professional training at Cadiz University, becoming an Expert in Music Therapy.   Beatriz currently lives in Marbella where she was teaching at the Municipal Conservatory of Music.

She is a Mindfulness consultant and an Expert in Conscious Nutrition, having trained at the Transpersonal Development School in Madrid.

Beatriz currently works as a music teacher, Mindfulness consultant and facilitator in workshops on time management and organization in the home. These activities fit very well with her various roles as a woman who fully enjoys what she considers to be her great passions: her time, her family and her contribution to life.

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