Finances Made Easy - Step 4 - Standardize and Label

After a few months of using this method, you can standardize your Control Sheet according to your actual situation. You still can make changes to things such as type of costs, which you found out in Step 3. There will be new expenses you have no specific assignment for it. Don't panic: just put it where it's logical or even in a box called "Miscellaneous". You want an overlook of your expenses. Therefore, not every “cent” needs to be controlled!

Coming back to the utility bills, besides calling the company to see if they have a better plan to offer, you can set the example in your life with your family. Turn off all those lights you don’t need and ask whoever lives with you to help. It seems that this is too small to matter but believe me; these are the little drops that fill the buckle.

Take a few moments to reflect on what little steps you can do to cut your expenses and how can you make people living with you collaborate with you in reducing certain costs. Come up with a plan. Maybe something as simple as a reminder of the refrigerator or post-it notes on light switches.

This step is all about making choices, and only you can decide what will help your situation. Join me next week for the last step in the process.

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