Finances Made Easy Step 5 - Develop Habits and Discipline

Continuous turn-over - our last step!

As you started and continue writing down your expenses on a daily basis and transcribing the monthly balance in the Control Sheet for a few months, you will automatically get more focused on your expense habits. You will be aware of questions like Do I need it? Do I want it? Can I afford it? You will be much more disciplined when using your cards, making bank transfers, using cash or subscribing to whatever for a few dollars. You do not have to sacrifice yourself and avoid all pleasures. But remember the main question Is it vital? And in some extreme cases, Can I afford it without needing to ask for a loan?

I have spoken with so many people of all ages, and when I ask them about their financial situation, most of them said they use more than they should. But no one could tell me exactly what they use the money on and if it was necessary.

Take a deep breath and feel the difference of being in control of your expenses, of consciously taking care that your income surpasses your expenditures so you can start saving to enjoy, to live your life abundantly and in total freedom.

Now you are directing your financial wealth; you are allowing peace after taking care of your monetary situation.

. How am I taking care of my expenses?

. What is stopping me from doing it?

Start implementing these five steps presented over the last month, taking baby steps with constancy and commitment, soon you will see that there are a few dollars you can put aside week by week which means you are starting to save money. Now you are ready to transform yourself into the financial director of your personal finances, into the financial director of your own life.

Do not get discouraged. If you forget for a few days to keep track or purchase something not in your budget, just go back and start again. You can do this and it will be worth it.

Say to yourself I am the Master of My Time and the Master of My Finances!

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