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With the release of our book in English we received some great reviews!

This concise book was originally released in Spanish and selling well in that market. The authors have now translated the book into English so that even more people can enjoy and benefit from this system.

This is a wonderful introduction for getting your life/home into order and maintaining it. I think this would be especially good for those in their first home, just starting out on the adult adventure, or those who just do not know where to start getting control.

The authors give the reader a consideration of how time might be escaping from your life and then offers simple step by step instructions on how to get control of specific areas. The steps are universal and can be used in many other aspects of your life as well.

In our world where we are constantly being pulled in multiple directions, this book helps break down areas to decrease those pulls and give the reader more TIME – something we all need.


This is a great little time management book based on the Japanese method of quality management.  It is short and to the point guide for making decisions. In just a few pages you will find the actual guidelines for turning your hurried, chaotic life into a simpler, calmer life.  I love that there are concrete steps and not just good ideas. What is even better is that by following the steps your life really will change.

The perfect read for Freshmen in High School or College or those starting out their career.  Being so short it is also for the person who wants “just the facts Ma’am”. A great graduation gift or simply an easier way to to afford a make over of your life.  Terrific for the one who does not have a clue where to start.


For someone that is employed full-time and attending grad school full-time then adding in my rental agreement responsibilities; one could assume I have my life together and organized.

They would be very wrong! My millennial generation (in all its glory) is the FOMO generation. I over schedule myself and under organize it. But no more! I’m going to be mastering my time and conquering my clutter.

It’s a quick read, but it is packed with so many usefully skills that I can easily integrate into my life. When I finished reading the book instead of throwing it on my night stand I placed it on my dusty bookshelf…that will be the perfect place to start my life organization journey. Ask me next week if there is still dust on my bookshelf.


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