"This is a practical, organized and logical description of a process that will help you find more time in your life.  I found the simple steps easy to follow and implement into my home.  The book gave me a lot to think about but easy simple steps to follow.  I really liked it."

~ Jennie R.

 "Master of My Time is more than a manual for organization, it's a testament to the powerful shifts that you can create in your space and in your life when you do the inner and outer work of decluttering. The author poetically shares this simple truth: organizing truly is about retaking ownership of your space and time, to support you in living the life you want to live! After reading this book, I am so motivated to make some habitual and spatial changes in my home to really allow me to spend my time doing what I love with those I love, and breaking the cycle of chaos and disarray." 

Karen V.

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